Is photography important when selling your home?

Is photography important when selling your home?

You never get a second chance at a first impression whether you are selling your home or interviewing for a new career. So that being said it is important to note that your home's presentation to the public depends on top notch professional photography. Here are my tips to make certain that you make a great first impression with the presentation of your home to the public and to the real estate agents that will be showing your home.

1. Always take photos on a clear sunny day with a picture perfect blue sky.

2. Only use photographs that are perfect, if there is something in the photo that is distracting don't use the photo

3. Less is more, clear off counter tops especially in the kitchen, put away appliances, soap dispensers, paper towels and in the bathrooms put away tooth paste, tooth brushes & shampoo etc in the shower.

4. Many agents think that the more photos included with the description the better, this is not necessarily true, only use the best photos that give your home it's best impression. Is it really necessary to see an unfinished basement, closet, hallway or a room that is perhaps cluttered?

5. The sequence of the photos is also very important. Do not show 17 photos of the outside of the house and then show the interior photos. Most buyers decide if they want to "save" the listing within the first 5 or 6 photos viewed. You need to wow them early on.

6. Sequence of photos. Go to your best shots early. Exterior, Kitchen, Family Room, Pool, Fantastic View etc.

Good luck!

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